Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Down But Not Out

Have I been a little quiet of late?
Believe me, it is only online for in this house not an hour goes by before I strike up another rendition of Hacking Cough. Not a very pleasant experience for those listening, an even less pleasant experience for those suffering. I have never been punched or kicked in the ribs (tiny babies in utero notwithstanding) but I know how it feels. Yes, the cough is that bad. Doctors don't like prescribing antibiotics, I didn't feel like insisting, sadist.
But what worries me more, for the fourth time in two months youngest Hobbit is ill. So after the last "chest infection" where he was given medication which seemed to work he is now on other medication, and if that doesn't work he may have to be tested for pneumonia. Doctor was very reassuring, that it probably wasn't as blah-de-blah. Whatever else he said I wasn't particularly listening as my mind stuck with pneumonia. I entered the land of Every Parents Nightmare™.
One of my very good friends had pneumonia about 14 years ago, it knocked her out for a month, which she spent in a hospital bed fading away.
Apparently this is extreme and if he has it, he has it only mildly.
So this medication is not the acid house yellow of the previous one, but a subdued chalky white. And it is working. Thank you science.
(I would like to point out that the side effects of the medication is not the appearance of a tigerish aspect to the patient's face. This is just Bubble, as we know and love him, and the paint washed off.)