Friday, September 28, 2007


Tuesday, the day the ex has to prove himself by taking over a little of the childcare I have done on my own, completely on my own since he left. The day I have to prove myself to a panel of esteemed professionals (DON'T snigger) that I am worth considering. The day where I take a step back into the world of working and all that it entails.

I should be glad the triple score of bad luck is over, right? I can't help that I am turning into Private Frazer.

So This Thing About Bad Luck

It comes in threes, right?

As this morning started with a flat tyre can we say that the hatrick has been achieved and get on with it?


Because I am bone weary, truly worn out, I have found where the end of my tether is.

And one more thing going tits up will have me crawling under my duvet and staying put. Hibernation is highly under-rated. This from someone who enjoys the snap of cold in the morning and the crispness in the air, the icing of frost on the ground and foliage.

Big sigh. Here comes the weekend.

Still don't have my OU stuff although they seem to have sorted out the registration forms and I know when my materials will be posted for my course beginning in February. Not much good for the one starting, oh let me see, yes that would be TODAY.

Sometimes I have a hard time believing that it isn't me. That this happens to everyone. But it doesn't does it? I am sliding into the theme of my other blog here so I better change tact.

If I think good thoughts then good things will happen. Give me a bloody break, fate or destiny or whatever dishes this out.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Even when the days seem like an endless struggle there is always something to make one smile.
Keep saying that until I believe it...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

OU Oh No For Definite This Time

So in a few days time my next OU course begins.

I haven't had any coursework, I haven't had any acknowledgement of starting the course although it shows on my student homepage. I have emailed the OU in Edinburgh and it sounds as though they are having major problems at the moment.

I handed in the forms for this course and my next course (due to start in February) several weeks ago. Both showed on my homepage with the later course stating that I hadn't sent in my registration. An email from the OU today stated that it would be sorted out.

Now the later course has disappeared from my homepage.

Oh hell.

Another email duly sent. This doesn't look good for the start of my new course if I am going to have no time to prepare. I really didn't need this just now.

The Kissy Girl

Youngest Hobbit is having the time of his life in his new school year. Which is a relief considering events of recent months.

Every day, on our way home, we discuss what they did at school this year. Normally I get stories of playtime and lunchtime and occasionally tales of playing in class (I am positive they are being taught, they can read and write quite well for their age!) The other day youngest Hobbit entertained his brother and I with his encounter with The Kissy Girl.

Youngest Hobbit -"E**** is The Kissy Girl!"
Me -"Really, which E**** and why is she The Kissy Girl?"
(There are 4 girls with this name in the Hobbits classes alone, this E**** is pointed out the next day, a very pretty girl, blonde curls.)
Youngest Hobbit - "She was catching us and giving us kisses. She caught M***** all the time!"
Me - "Right, so did she catch you?"
Youngest Hobbit, proudly - "No I ran fast."

He will learn, as M***** obviously has, not to run too fast from the pretty girls. And then today the end of The Kissy Girl was announced.

"Mrs B**** said E**** wasn't to kiss us anymore because it was annoying."

Ah well.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Word To Employers

Out of politeness wouldn't it be nice to acknowledge all applicants for vacancies? Even just an eency weency email fired off to let the person know they had been unsuccessful?

Would it be too much?