Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's Getting Like Old MacDonald Around Here

Only with pets rather than farmyard friends.  Right enough I did like the idea of chickens but with cats and our friendly neighbourhood Mr Fox that is not such a good idea.

The cats pretty much rule themselves, that's just how cats roll really.  I sometimes feel I am tolerated in my own house simply for the talent of being able to open a tin.  I would never go this far though.

As much as Anakin cat loves his boxes (see evidence below), I'd go to the effort only to be thwarted by cat apathy at the end.
What?  I'm busy, call back later.
Of course I've mentioned happy dog many times and he is just...happy.  

The Hobbits had asked for their own pets, something small they could look after.  We are in the age of small furries.  Hamster Dragonborn (aka The Escape Artist) is another blondie with a lovely temperament.  

I had tried to push the idea of guinea pigs.  My own Gwynnie pig was a sweetheart.  I would come home from school, she'd be waiting at the gate to her cage.  I'd tuck her into my cardi and she would burrow in, talking to me the entire time.  My mother hated her but she was truly the best.  

Youngest is set on getting a gecko.  Well, it'll be different that is for sure.

So, if all goes to plan, at the end of the year, the humans will be outnumbered by three cats, one dog, a hamster and a gecko.  Sometimes I worry that it sounds like we're going down the hoarder route but then I think, stuff it, they're part of the family!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Love Dogs

There was a viral clip a few years ago, a kid being asked a question who replied with the completely unrelated quote "I like turtles."  ** Rummages in internet handbag, oh here it is **

Anyway, as I've been communicatively silent for a month - wish I could say it has been because I have found my inner zen and have been peacefully tranquil, nope, not a chance - I decided to kick myself up the pants with the utterly trivial fact stated in the post title.

There, I'm like the kid, someone asks me something and I'm thinking "oh, yeah, um, so, ooh look out the window, pretty doggy!"  I'm not being glib, I should probably be embarrassed that it is true of someone racing headlong towards year 41 on this Earth.

One of our neighbours has two Newfies and a St Bernard (or the bears as we like to call them) lovely dogs but oh my god the drool. It's like slimy shoelaces sticking out their mouths. Bleurgh! 

Lovely Newfie
Our boy, big dopey Labrador Retriever, enjoys playing with said dogs who are that big they don't bounce around much, rather they watch him and the other dogs run around and that is as much exercise as they want.  Every time he goes up to them I think "please don't get any of that gunk on you because I know who is cleaning it off."

(Note: neighbours live in the same size house as I do which isn't huge, I believe the dogs have their own bedroom, and I bet it's the biggest one!)

The Hobbits are enjoying a camping sleepover with the Scouts.  I am enjoying doing what I usually do, which isn't much, while thinking of all the things I should be doing, which is a lot.  I am accepting of what the doctor has now decided is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (I'm apparently moderate which is better than severe but not as good as mild), that doesn't mean I like it but it does mean I'm not fighting against it now.  That was completely counter-productive.  There will be a way around it, I just have to find it.  I need to move on and get started with working from home, with my writing,  and get to a place where I can work and also manage this.