Saturday, February 20, 2016

Taking A Breather

I'm a little tired of the whole social media rigmarole of late - I love the fast information exchange but humanity and lack of it keeps getting in the way.

So last night I decided to dig out some old DVDs and have a movie night while my sons remain locked in video game purgatory.

I chose -

Quickly followed by -

God but I forgot how good they were. It's probably considered poncy to love world cinema but this is how I feel about that -

And that's all there is to say about it except to wonder what I'll watch tonight? Three Colours Blue? Red? Amelie? Or go for the Russian vampire films?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ho ho, What's This?

*Old me sneaks in, looks around, checks last post, shakes head*

Down, down, down-de-down (bad Bugsy Malone joke, I don't ask for forgiveness) but most definitely not out.

I trudge along and this time I remember to pay attention to the flowers that grow in the cracks because they will always find a way to break through the concrete.

Monday, February 15, 2016

It's Not Getting Any Better

I know there are good people out there, people not filled with spite and deceit.

Lately it feels like it's impossible to find them amongst the deluge of pure nastiness that emanates from what seems like the majority. I have lost my faith in humanity, I am swamped by disillusionment. There are reasons for this black mood, the reasons that are pretty much the same as always, circling around the plughole without ever clearing.  It's not a nice world out there, even less so when you have no one on your side because some days it would be a relief to have someone there to fight your corner.

I struggle to put a light on the situation, to joke, as I used to, that I'm just having a gripe and moan and it'll be all okay really, really soon.  My internal optimist, I fear. has finally died.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

My Brain With ME

It's not an egg.

It's not even scrambled egg.

Oh, that made me hungry now.

Instead, this photo perfectly captures my brain with ME:

Monday, February 01, 2016

Storm Henry - Just How Many More Letters Are We Going To Go Through

Once again a journey outside may end up with you being blown all the way to Norway.  It now seems relentless and although the skies are intermittently blue, the gale force wind means we can only gaze at them from the comfort of behind the double-glazing.

Storm Gertrude gave us a thump on Friday, Henry today - I am mindful that we are not yet halfway through the alphabet and while I'm sure the intention was not to utilise every single letter, it doesn't bode well.

Poor dog ventured into the garden, the wind not-so-gently ruffled his ears and now he looks at, or rather ignores, the offered lead like this -

"You saw what happened to my ears just then, right?"
So that'll be no walk today then pup?

The neighbours have the lovely task of clearing out their house today - or rather everything that was damaged when their boiler burst on Saturday night. I don't think I have ever seen quite so much water pour through someone's ceiling.  They asked for help in locating the stopcock, useless as it turns out theirs wasn't where mine is. Interestingly as they were calling their insurance company 24hr emergency hotline, with no electricity, snow outside, kids wrapped up on the sofa and Niagara Falls in the hallway, it turned out that 24 hours call out means 9 am the next day. Guess what the first thing I checked was on returning home.

The fire brigade were able to help, after no other plumber wanted to come, unfortunately it meant their kitchen was ripped up in the process.  Hats off to the guys as within minutes they had the water stopped and the flood drained.

The saying it never rains but it pours has never been more appropriate!

Keeping in mind that today is Imbolc - if you were in the pagan habit of leaving a white cloth out for the goddess Brigid then good luck finding that this morning.

D'you hear that Henry, it's Brigid's day so bugger off and take whatever storms are coming next, with you!