Monday, February 15, 2016

It's Not Getting Any Better

I know there are good people out there, people not filled with spite and deceit.

Lately it feels like it's impossible to find them amongst the deluge of pure nastiness that emanates from what seems like the majority. I have lost my faith in humanity, I am swamped by disillusionment. There are reasons for this black mood, the reasons that are pretty much the same as always, circling around the plughole without ever clearing.  It's not a nice world out there, even less so when you have no one on your side because some days it would be a relief to have someone there to fight your corner.

I struggle to put a light on the situation, to joke, as I used to, that I'm just having a gripe and moan and it'll be all okay really, really soon.  My internal optimist, I fear. has finally died.

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