Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We're the Witches of Hallowe'en, The Scariest You've Ever Seen

That's what we used to sing as we went round the neighbour's doors in the dark, distant past (according to Hobbits, *very* distant!)

So the glut of sweeties is done, the jars are filled and I won't need to buy another sugary snack until Christmas.  All well and good.

There are a lot of sour pusses around here though, lots of people who ignore the advice to turn your hall light off if you don't want disturbed. ("Hey, it's my house, I do what I want" - then don't grump when you get a score of kids knocking!)  Never the less I am always impressed at the begging standard of my two.

And the pumpkin.  I remember (adopts old voice) my mother carving a turnip.  Have you ever tried to carve a turnip?  Yes, well, not advised unless you like impossibly frustrating tasks.

This year I wanted to do something different.  I wanted to do a cat, shadow in front of the carved out moon.  Instead I did this.

Which is meant to be one of these.

Yes I know it looks like mine has wonky eyebrows, I meant it - honest!  I'm sure in the game, when you lose, the piggies wiggle their eyebrows and laugh.  They do don't they?

Anyway, now that is over, roll on bonfire night.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Just A Quick Thought

The people who go down to the shore to see the tidal surges coming in - surely this could be seen as God's way of eliminating the stupid?

Hurricane Sandy, this will not be the last time I mention you.

Hurrah for you!

Long Ago and Far Away

It felt as though we were there for months and now it feels like we weren't there at all.  *sigh*

I do love crisp autumn days, I quite like the cold as long as it isn't damp, manky cold that seeps into the bones.  Crunching through the leaves with dog at my side.  

Oh for the means to go on holidays several times a year.  Really they should have them on the NHS, save an absolute fortune on anti-depressants.  A week in the sun.  Bliss.

Forget that you have to come back to the grinding reality.

Monday, October 22, 2012

I Know It Has Been A While

But just look at where we've been.  

There was real, live sun and warmth and everything - vitamin D get in my bones.  We climbed into volcanoes like some weird tribute to Torville and Dean.

Hmmn, ok just take my word for it - it was a proper volcano, Google "Montana Roja" if you are a doubting Thomas, ner ner see!

The Hobbits (as was) grew fins.

We found (semi) precious stones - not emerald but very sweet Olivina - like little mining gnomes and we didn't have to go into a mine, they're on the beach!

We lived in a yellow submarine (if only for an hour) 100'/31m underneath the Atlantic.

All in all for one entire week the world was all right again.

And then to home.


Truthfully the government could do everyone a favour and give them one whole week away somewhere sunny and hot (it was 80 degrees and after a while our weedy Scottish bodies got used to the oven feeling).  It really did pick up and get rid of the grind of life in a grey climate.  I mean, I managed to climb a flippin' volcano - all 400+m of it.  I have CFS, I shouldn't be able to do that.  Ok so I spent the rest of the day (and every afternoon) slumped by the pool but I was up in the morning and not zombie at all.  We were able to do such fun things and although I'm still recovering it was worth it.  Please but if I can scrabble enough money together to go away again next year.