Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tick Tock

It is noticable that I haven't written very much this year at all. Well, 2007 is not turning out to be the year I expected it to be, to top it all I am probably going to tank my OU course which is not turning out as I had wished. So here is a cheerful picture of the hobbits.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Meet the new Jamie Oliver

Youngest Hobbit has taken to watching Masterchef Goes Large with great intensity. While viewing Friday's offering (on BBC2 Wales thanks to gaelic programming stuffing up the Scottish schedules) he decided that he liked the look of the very fancy and very long titled pheasant dish being made and announced he would like that for his dinner. Fancy on my boy I'm not that good.
When not watching cookery programmes he does like being involved in the preparation and cooking of food itself, the ingredients used and when that isn't happening he likes to talk about food. Interestingly although he enjoys eating and eats a fair amount of food he is not fat, no where near fat, actually he is on the lean side. Possibly because, apart from the treats, he eats about 80% good stuff. Strawberries, raspberries and mandarin oranges being particular favourite snacks.
So watch this space. He has the right temperament for being a chef certainly (take no prisoners, doesn't suffer fools gladly etc.) I discussed this with my mother today and the first thing she said? For me not to let him become a chef.
Considering that 2 years ago his ambition was to be a dinosaur I think he has a long way to go before deciding where his life will lead him. Certainly it is fun to speculate but I would never say to either Hobbit they couldn't follow what they wanted to do. That is what happened to me and look where I ended up! Same mother told me that when I left school I was expected to get a job as there was no way they would support me through university and even though it was expected I could get into art school that was discouraged to the point I completely lost the way.
Had I had parents who let me try, let me discover what I could do things could be different (not focusing on the Hobbits here as I would always have chosen to be a SAHM regardless. In fact it would have been nicer to have a proper career to take a break from and know I had one to return to.) Hubby and I often discuss how what our parents did affected the paths our lives took.
So be it a dinosaur, or a chef, or something completely different, youngest Hobbit I know will at least do one thing. Be able to cook and enjoy the experience of cooking and eating good food. Career wise he can do whatever he wants, he is 5 FFS, though I might discourage it if either Hobbit mention becoming lawyers or politicians. I don't like my boys lying!