Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home is not something I longed for

This time last week I was sweltering in the afternoon sun, lying lazy as a cat on a sunbed while the Hobbits played in the splash park with their little friends.

Perhaps this is what has ailed me.  Sitting in the sun, reading copious amounts, no mental stress other than what time shall we show up for the dinner I have not cooked (and eat from plates I will not need to wash.)  Although I have no real desire to move to Portugal my goodness I ached for some sunshine.  Some strong sunshine to bleach my tired old bones.  

For all we are not meant to sit in the sun, I smother our bodies in factor Scottish (i.e. 30) to negate some of the nastiness, my god but I could feel the warmth throughout.  Clarity of thought has evaded me for months yet I was sharper, quicker witted, than I have been in the longest time.  I wrote, I read, I relaxed and it was good.

I come home and zoop we are back to square one.



Day 24: Movie with your favourite soundtrack

Sneaked it in there with no one looking.

This one is easy.  I saw the film, one of the best adaptations which seems so well suited to the original material in how the story has been opened, next day I bought the soundtrack and I listen to it still.  I am quite sure there are many who will turn their nose up at the film, too pop culture for them, too ready and tangible to people.  To hell with them.

Of all the songs I love this one the most, my heart sings along with it.  A very plaintive sound.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

30 Days Challenge & 7 Days Away

Day 23: Movie that inspires you

Won't hide the fact that the thought that in two days I will be on holiday far away (or not really far away, still in Europe, but the edge of Europe, not like the middle or anything...and close the mouth.) head has been racing full of all the things that can go wrong between now and then.  Once we get there I won't give a sh*t but the getting there.

I still have this fatigue.  Still dragging along but doc seems to think this holiday will be just the tonic.  I have to come home though so how that will work I don't know.

Anyway, the getting there.  If I think of all the things that can go wrong I won't be crushed if it does happen as I'll be sort of expecting it.

That sounds quite Eeyore-ish of me to be honest but for years I haven't thought any other way.  Maybe it is my little protection unit.  Look what could've happened but didn't.  If that doesn't prove how screwed up my line of thinking is these days then I don't know.  But...but, when I come back I'm going to take a deep breath and really go for what I want work wise.

There is no point in me sticking in a job that is nearly going to kill me.  Another colleague is off with same thing as me, another one has continuous headaches.  Doctors have said to a few of us that where we work is renowned for this.  Oh great.

Wait...what was I on about.  Oh yes, and this will seamlessly tie in with what I just said.

I chose a series of films, really the material it is based on is what truly inspired me but the films show the possibility of what a keen imagination can evolve in to.

Single parent, takes an idea, writes with a passion, inspires thousands.

Monday, October 10, 2011

30 Days....yeah, yeah, keep on at it

Day 22: Movie you wish you could live in

Lately there has been a distinctly dystopian flavour to the news.  The wheels of change seem to be ever grinding and everything has such a dark tinge to it, I've never felt as though the worst elements of society were winning as much as they are now.  Greed is good is a way of life to the expense of all others it would seem.

So with that in mind.  If we are about to move into another mini-ice age, and if the last lot of Elizabethans survived it then we can too.  (Let's make a note to never allow another Elizabeth on the throne.)  If we are about to see the whole financial balance collapse with the rich skipping off merrily into the sunset while the rest of us clear up the mess.  If everything we have relied on is to be turned on its head.  Then I chose to be a browncoat...

Shiny it might not be for a future.  The Reapers are no more scary than the people who have been allowed to run riot, quite literally.  I could chose a fluffy bunny film where everyone has a happy ending but we all know that doesn't last.  And my other choice was a polar opposite - cause I always longed to be a Von Trapp - look what happened to them!  If there was a decent film version (similar to the German 70s series I loved) then I would go for Heidi - but there isn't and my fantasy life of Swiss mountains will be replaced by a more realistic Firefly class spaceship.

I am totally failing to attract positivity from the universe with my current frame of mind aren't I?  Well, failure I can do.

::Insert Beatles Song Title with word "Love" in it here::

The dress, I likey, otherwise I'd have no comment at all on this, nice as it is for them.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Movie Challenge - nearly there!

Day 21: Movie with your favourite actor

James Stewart reminds me of my Dad.  Recently I have been missing my dad more and more.  With all that has recently gone on with mother and the way she is now I have been thinking over the past.  There is so much I wish I could talk to him about things, there are things I should have said and done and I feel constant regrets that this won't happen.

There is a tendency to romanticise the past and people gone.  Rather I am not focussing on the times where we didn't get on but the truth that was evident at his funeral when not one person had anything but happy, good, worthy anecdotes about him.  So I can honestly say that my dad was one of the old-style gentlemen, like James Stewart himself (plus he was one of my Dad's favourites especially considering his WWII record).  

He was 50 when I was born.  An age most men are becoming grandfathers rather than first time fathers.  So there was a huge generation gap between us.  Now I can look back and say the boys miss their Grandpa and I miss my Dad.  

When I watch James Stewart I can feel comforted.  Odd as it sounds. 

On the other hand...

All these discussions recently about mad people living in sheds (albeit rather posh sheds with bedrooms and things) I have scoffed at the concept.  Until I saw this...

So when the financiers* turn this world belly up so they can scavenge over the innards like the vultures they are - we'll be living in one of these.  Bloody nice it looks too.  (I will insist on inside plumbing, I'm not that bohemian.)

*Read this article I can't link to.  Regarding a hedge fund manager who seemed so happy to make money on the misery of countries going bust.  The fact that these people have huge amounts riding on the failure of countries and the fates of millions of people, and that they may have influence to push them over the edge for a few pennies more, doesn't seem fathomable.  That it is allowed to happen is astounding and surely something that needs to be curtailed, immediately.  The article actually made me feel physically sick.

I just do not and will not understand these people who live lives based on money and making money by betting money they don't have on things they don't own.  This particular parasite had bought millions of dollars worth of nickels and was such a happy bunny about getting one up on his fellow Americans.  Wonderful expression of humanity he was.  Wonderful.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Movie Challenge getting tricky now.

Day 20: Movie with your favourite actress

Oh gad do I even have a favourite?  I know I am beginning to think I should keep notes to remind myself of things I actually like because I am positive that in a short amount of time I will suddenly go "oh and I *really* like her as well."  But I am hopeless when put on the spot.

Of course the smart people will have already scanned down the list of what this challenge consisted of and prepared.  Smart people will also have done this in 30 days and not the epic amount of time I've taken to do it.

What can I say, at best I live in a constant state of chaos.  It is what it is.

So, what was the point of this...oh yes, favourite actress.  Well, I suppose there are a few.  I'm not so much a person who will see a film just because of who is in it, not really.  A lot of the actresses I do like are of the older generation, I don't know why (and you'll see in the next instalment my favourite actor is also mainly in black and white but for good reason.)

This is definitely one of those films which should be savoured rather than just watched.  I've always liked the actress because she seemed such an assertive bitch!  Call it admiration...

Don't older films look so much more appealing?  I love this film and Bette Davis is utter brilliance.  Strangely one of her later, more popular films I wasn't desperate to see over and over again but All About Eve, All This, and Heaven Too, Dark Victory, Now, Voyager, could seriously have them on a loop and happily watch them over and over again.