Monday, October 03, 2011

Movie Challenge - nearly there!

Day 21: Movie with your favourite actor

James Stewart reminds me of my Dad.  Recently I have been missing my dad more and more.  With all that has recently gone on with mother and the way she is now I have been thinking over the past.  There is so much I wish I could talk to him about things, there are things I should have said and done and I feel constant regrets that this won't happen.

There is a tendency to romanticise the past and people gone.  Rather I am not focussing on the times where we didn't get on but the truth that was evident at his funeral when not one person had anything but happy, good, worthy anecdotes about him.  So I can honestly say that my dad was one of the old-style gentlemen, like James Stewart himself (plus he was one of my Dad's favourites especially considering his WWII record).  

He was 50 when I was born.  An age most men are becoming grandfathers rather than first time fathers.  So there was a huge generation gap between us.  Now I can look back and say the boys miss their Grandpa and I miss my Dad.  

When I watch James Stewart I can feel comforted.  Odd as it sounds. 

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