Monday, October 03, 2011

On the other hand...

All these discussions recently about mad people living in sheds (albeit rather posh sheds with bedrooms and things) I have scoffed at the concept.  Until I saw this...

So when the financiers* turn this world belly up so they can scavenge over the innards like the vultures they are - we'll be living in one of these.  Bloody nice it looks too.  (I will insist on inside plumbing, I'm not that bohemian.)

*Read this article I can't link to.  Regarding a hedge fund manager who seemed so happy to make money on the misery of countries going bust.  The fact that these people have huge amounts riding on the failure of countries and the fates of millions of people, and that they may have influence to push them over the edge for a few pennies more, doesn't seem fathomable.  That it is allowed to happen is astounding and surely something that needs to be curtailed, immediately.  The article actually made me feel physically sick.

I just do not and will not understand these people who live lives based on money and making money by betting money they don't have on things they don't own.  This particular parasite had bought millions of dollars worth of nickels and was such a happy bunny about getting one up on his fellow Americans.  Wonderful expression of humanity he was.  Wonderful.

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