Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Blondes

Best buddies, well the cat has the upper hand of course.  What else do you expect?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Solution

Am getting fed up of gardengate (oh wait, that doesn't work...nevermind...) So here is the solution if sorts.

With a length of reed screening, put up with help from Youngest Hobbit as fencing nails are tricky little beggars I've created a cosy corner.  Another little garden project to work on but at the moment it's perfect for lounging on my lounger for that is their purpose.  And the doc did say I have to sit in the sun to help boost my vitamin D so really you could say it's what's prescribed.

Plus it offers much needed privacy from the crazies next door.

All in all I may work at a glacial pace thanks to the CFS but when it starts to come together contentment reigns.

The sun has been shining for *nearly a week* - make the most of it.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

In the Dark, Dark Woods

The kind of woods the big, bad wolf would live in although to be honest I've always found humans to be more typical of the fairytale nightmare.

Beecraigs, West Lothian

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Deeply Dark

Really must think of something to do before I sink for good.

Some art, and the happy joy of little ones.

Yes that will do it.

Roll on tomorrow.

Breathe in/Breathe out/Repeat

The hedge still lives...for now.  Nasty neighbour's daughter spent the day hacking into the existing hedge ensuring the height and all the greenery ended up in a pile of cuttings.  Sad and I'm trying not to let it bother me, trying not to really mind the loss of privacy as they now have a grand view of our every movement in the garden.  Trying. Trying.

Most anti-social neighbours build huge tall fences.  Sigh.  I fear I may have to write a note (yes a note because I'm not stupid enough to go to her door and give her the opportunity for another shout) regarding them hacking in to the new hedge when it grows - and they will.

Ex had offered to build a fence, knowing his capacity for letting us down I said no.  It would probably have been better to wait ten years for the joy of a fence they couldn't peek over.

God but it's petty and I hate it but they have very little in their lives to contend with so this is their sustenance.

To think of better days and not care, not be pulled into this nonsense.  I need some good luck to come our way.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Madness of Feeling

I have a problem. Not a major problem and I am sure many would hashtag it as a "firstworldproblem" which is patronising and condescending in both meaning and action.

Anyway I have a problem. I'm crap at lying. Oh I don't mean the little white lies: the "of course I don't mind you being late", the "that dress is fine" even the "no, no, I'm fine".  I mean the great big fanciful whoppers. The ones told that when found out make me always puzzle at the effort put in by people not usually known for their sparkling imagination.  With my reputation I rarely get asked for an opinion they don't want to here, tactfully put is what occurs after I've said it.

This is a problem mainly because when someone then tells an untruth about me, well I would travel the world to prove it wrong if I could. It has happened often and every time has been infuriating.

Yesterday it happened again and in such a peculiar way.

So, back story time.  Since last year there has been a cracking great gap in the fence between our garden and the woman next-door's.  Previously known as nutty neighbour due to her behaviour she is now known as nasty neighbour and suddenly I see why other neighbours are feart of her.

I bought some hedging plants to replace the fence, to join on to the existing hedge.  Out I go, merrily digging away a small trench where the fence was and not on her side of the boundary.  Out she comes shouting and swearing and all of a sudden making accusations that I called the social workers on her because her 15 year old daughter "was seen having sex in a field".  Well now.

That is one way to broadcast to the entire neighbourhood what your kid gets up to.  The long and short of it is, she threatened to tell social workers on me (possibly for random hedge planting, I don't know) and also to punch my face.  Both of which I dared her to do - what? I was boiling angry by then.

I dislike the fact I lowered myself to her level and gave twice as good as I got.   I dislike the fact she said such horrible things like they were fact.  She said her social worker told her it was me and a quick call will be getting made to the department on Tuesday, even the bank holiday is annoying me now.

My inability to smooth over life with a coating of lies has once again caused me irritation.   I just cannot let it lie.

(Note on gap-in-the-fence fixingfrom advice given by both lawyer and property expert friends - I'm in the right.  Also I would have told her had I not made it my priority to avoid all contact with her for matters I may inflict on here at some point.  And that's before mentioning that all other neighbours do the same.)