Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Breathe in/Breathe out/Repeat

The hedge still lives...for now.  Nasty neighbour's daughter spent the day hacking into the existing hedge ensuring the height and all the greenery ended up in a pile of cuttings.  Sad and I'm trying not to let it bother me, trying not to really mind the loss of privacy as they now have a grand view of our every movement in the garden.  Trying. Trying.

Most anti-social neighbours build huge tall fences.  Sigh.  I fear I may have to write a note (yes a note because I'm not stupid enough to go to her door and give her the opportunity for another shout) regarding them hacking in to the new hedge when it grows - and they will.

Ex had offered to build a fence, knowing his capacity for letting us down I said no.  It would probably have been better to wait ten years for the joy of a fence they couldn't peek over.

God but it's petty and I hate it but they have very little in their lives to contend with so this is their sustenance.

To think of better days and not care, not be pulled into this nonsense.  I need some good luck to come our way.

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