Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Solution

Am getting fed up of gardengate (oh wait, that doesn't work...nevermind...) So here is the solution if sorts.

With a length of reed screening, put up with help from Youngest Hobbit as fencing nails are tricky little beggars I've created a cosy corner.  Another little garden project to work on but at the moment it's perfect for lounging on my lounger for that is their purpose.  And the doc did say I have to sit in the sun to help boost my vitamin D so really you could say it's what's prescribed.

Plus it offers much needed privacy from the crazies next door.

All in all I may work at a glacial pace thanks to the CFS but when it starts to come together contentment reigns.

The sun has been shining for *nearly a week* - make the most of it.

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