Sunday, February 08, 2009

It Will Do That To You Sometimes

There are control freaks and then there are control freaks and sometimes for a quiet life you just do as they wish.

Apologies to those who have emailed about t'other blog. It would seem that a wish to vent my frustration rather than take it out on those I love has annoyed a certain person. Or perhaps it was the truth, which can be hard to handle sometimes. It is now by invite only so contact me if you wish to read on but as I hadn't updated it in ages anyway it all seems like a moot point. I will probably put it live again at some point.

Anything to create a drama though, eh?

Just now I'm preparing my mental boxing gloves as tomorrow I do battle with the authorities who seem to think it is alright to leave my father to rot in hospital. Okay, that is maybe a bit extreme but that is what it feels like. I have priorities, and right now the screaming hysterics of someone who doesn't take their own advice (I stay out of their business so should I expect them to stay out of mine?) are so low down the list.

Such a shame that two 7-year-old Hobbits, who have done nothing wrong are dragged into this once again. And isn't it interesting that they can't see what the fuss is all about either. Ah, my boys are smart little dudes. And their Beaver Lodge got second place in the Scouts Potted Sports event today. That was more important to them than anything. I wasn't daft enough to volunteer for that one thankfully!

Banging my head against a brick wall.