Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If I Wish Reeeaaalllyyy Hard...

...then tomorrow I *won't* get a phone call from the garage during the day telling me that my car needs x, y and expensive z done to it.

It would be a miracle, same as if the Hobbits ever tidied their room from the current bombsite it is to something reasonable.

Also, it is interesting that today, while out and about, the little cough I have because I am so run down and low on batteries seems to cause alarm in those around me. Schadenfreude would find it very funny, and keep coughing. Or maybe add a sneeze or two in.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Its One Small Step For Hobbits

A well know fact in this house anyway, is the Hobbits love for Space.

Anything to do with Space, planets, the universe, black holes etc. etc.

Considering that in the 40 years since humans first littered up the moon with their footprints there hasn't been as much progress as one would think there would have been who knows what it will be like when they are older. Youngest Hobbit would very much like to be an astronaut and go bobbing about in the great out there.

As Eldest Hobbit still fancies being a pilot (though guess who was better at the flight simulator at the Museum of Flight on our last visit? *cough* ahem, ahem) then he could always fly his brother to the stars.

But I have signed them up to this brilliant idea!

No matter what, at least they will get to Mars, if only by name!

Life In Pause

So, while the summer holidays roll (and roll and roll and roll) on things have come to a stand still.

Although my mother's house sold pretty damn fast considering, and we got more than we thought we would, thanks to old-fashioned considerations we have to wait for the house to be transferred from my dad's name to hers. As this is in the hands of the solicitors and courts, the only way to do it unfortunately, it will take time.

Everyone and their dog has applied for an Open Market Equity thingy, so there is a 12 week wait to hear whether or not we are successful, and if we are not - well, I suppose we could afford somewhere in Poland if not.

Therefore everything has ground to a stand still.

I had hoped to be moved next month, I hope to all the gods and fates and destiny that the house we want doesn't sell in the meantime. Maybe things will all fall into place, I can only hope and hope and hope. It is difficult when everyone relies on me and maybe I'm just not up to it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To Know Or Not To Know

I have been wondering, and decided that sometimes, when things aren't going according to a badly laid out plan then to find a way to look to the future offers some comfort.

Does that make sense?

Nothing I do seems to.

I have an uphill struggle at the moment and many people relying on me and me alone to see them through this.

I hide myself away in my stitching, in my writing and other past-times. At this moment I could probably finish my current OU course in one week but not do very good at it for that rush. Plus as I will be on holiday when the final exam is on, and the resit isn't until April, then there is no need to hurry just to fill my mind with other things.

This year so far I have: arranged a funeral for the first time ever, started the process of selling a house, started the process of buying a house - again neither of which I've done before and this all on my own as my mother has decided that I can replace my dad in the grand scheme of things as organiser of everything, and I only now realise how much he actually did. All this and I still haven't really had time to grieve for my dad. I have a feeling I'll get on holiday and just slump into a heap.

So I've decided on asking for a little *divine* help. No, I've not decided to believe in the God of the riches, never will I sign on to what is no more than a continuation of the ancient Roman society (no I've not gone mad - close, but not quite) in the form of religion. Instead I've returned to my old hobby and hopefully will get some answers - not a crystal ball but not far off.