Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life In Pause

So, while the summer holidays roll (and roll and roll and roll) on things have come to a stand still.

Although my mother's house sold pretty damn fast considering, and we got more than we thought we would, thanks to old-fashioned considerations we have to wait for the house to be transferred from my dad's name to hers. As this is in the hands of the solicitors and courts, the only way to do it unfortunately, it will take time.

Everyone and their dog has applied for an Open Market Equity thingy, so there is a 12 week wait to hear whether or not we are successful, and if we are not - well, I suppose we could afford somewhere in Poland if not.

Therefore everything has ground to a stand still.

I had hoped to be moved next month, I hope to all the gods and fates and destiny that the house we want doesn't sell in the meantime. Maybe things will all fall into place, I can only hope and hope and hope. It is difficult when everyone relies on me and maybe I'm just not up to it.

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