Thursday, July 23, 2009

Its One Small Step For Hobbits

A well know fact in this house anyway, is the Hobbits love for Space.

Anything to do with Space, planets, the universe, black holes etc. etc.

Considering that in the 40 years since humans first littered up the moon with their footprints there hasn't been as much progress as one would think there would have been who knows what it will be like when they are older. Youngest Hobbit would very much like to be an astronaut and go bobbing about in the great out there.

As Eldest Hobbit still fancies being a pilot (though guess who was better at the flight simulator at the Museum of Flight on our last visit? *cough* ahem, ahem) then he could always fly his brother to the stars.

But I have signed them up to this brilliant idea!

No matter what, at least they will get to Mars, if only by name!

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