Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home is not something I longed for

This time last week I was sweltering in the afternoon sun, lying lazy as a cat on a sunbed while the Hobbits played in the splash park with their little friends.

Perhaps this is what has ailed me.  Sitting in the sun, reading copious amounts, no mental stress other than what time shall we show up for the dinner I have not cooked (and eat from plates I will not need to wash.)  Although I have no real desire to move to Portugal my goodness I ached for some sunshine.  Some strong sunshine to bleach my tired old bones.  

For all we are not meant to sit in the sun, I smother our bodies in factor Scottish (i.e. 30) to negate some of the nastiness, my god but I could feel the warmth throughout.  Clarity of thought has evaded me for months yet I was sharper, quicker witted, than I have been in the longest time.  I wrote, I read, I relaxed and it was good.

I come home and zoop we are back to square one.



Day 24: Movie with your favourite soundtrack

Sneaked it in there with no one looking.

This one is easy.  I saw the film, one of the best adaptations which seems so well suited to the original material in how the story has been opened, next day I bought the soundtrack and I listen to it still.  I am quite sure there are many who will turn their nose up at the film, too pop culture for them, too ready and tangible to people.  To hell with them.

Of all the songs I love this one the most, my heart sings along with it.  A very plaintive sound.

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