Monday, October 10, 2011

30 Days....yeah, yeah, keep on at it

Day 22: Movie you wish you could live in

Lately there has been a distinctly dystopian flavour to the news.  The wheels of change seem to be ever grinding and everything has such a dark tinge to it, I've never felt as though the worst elements of society were winning as much as they are now.  Greed is good is a way of life to the expense of all others it would seem.

So with that in mind.  If we are about to move into another mini-ice age, and if the last lot of Elizabethans survived it then we can too.  (Let's make a note to never allow another Elizabeth on the throne.)  If we are about to see the whole financial balance collapse with the rich skipping off merrily into the sunset while the rest of us clear up the mess.  If everything we have relied on is to be turned on its head.  Then I chose to be a browncoat...

Shiny it might not be for a future.  The Reapers are no more scary than the people who have been allowed to run riot, quite literally.  I could chose a fluffy bunny film where everyone has a happy ending but we all know that doesn't last.  And my other choice was a polar opposite - cause I always longed to be a Von Trapp - look what happened to them!  If there was a decent film version (similar to the German 70s series I loved) then I would go for Heidi - but there isn't and my fantasy life of Swiss mountains will be replaced by a more realistic Firefly class spaceship.

I am totally failing to attract positivity from the universe with my current frame of mind aren't I?  Well, failure I can do.

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