Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Kissy Girl

Youngest Hobbit is having the time of his life in his new school year. Which is a relief considering events of recent months.

Every day, on our way home, we discuss what they did at school this year. Normally I get stories of playtime and lunchtime and occasionally tales of playing in class (I am positive they are being taught, they can read and write quite well for their age!) The other day youngest Hobbit entertained his brother and I with his encounter with The Kissy Girl.

Youngest Hobbit -"E**** is The Kissy Girl!"
Me -"Really, which E**** and why is she The Kissy Girl?"
(There are 4 girls with this name in the Hobbits classes alone, this E**** is pointed out the next day, a very pretty girl, blonde curls.)
Youngest Hobbit - "She was catching us and giving us kisses. She caught M***** all the time!"
Me - "Right, so did she catch you?"
Youngest Hobbit, proudly - "No I ran fast."

He will learn, as M***** obviously has, not to run too fast from the pretty girls. And then today the end of The Kissy Girl was announced.

"Mrs B**** said E**** wasn't to kiss us anymore because it was annoying."

Ah well.

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