Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Free Boaby

Oh how much will this not translate to anyone not from central Scotland! But as my readership is probably just me anyway that doesn't matter.

I have an inkling that this may be a publicity stunt but the other morning while driving the Hobbits to school (between 8.20-8.40) I heard this brilliant song dedicated to the "mouse" of a certain wind-up merchant called Cecil. Now Cecil is one of the characters (played by the host Robin Galloway) who participates in the morning wind-up calls made to various businesses - some with absolutely no sense of humour at all shown when taking these calls.
Cecil just happens to have a pet mouse called Boaby, which coincidentally is also a slang word for a certain part of the male anatomy. (Joke on hearing an old woman talking about "Boaby" someone asks "Who is Boaby", the reply "Oh anyone's Boaby!") Maybe it doesn't translate well on the page but it is funny when you hear it - promise!
For some reason best know to themselves (publicity stunt!) the radio station has banned the song (and from what I can tell poor Boaby has had the chop too, ouch!) Well, it might sound kind of, maybe similar to something by T-Rex. Still when I first heard the song we were all laughing and I had to dissuade the Hobbits from singing it as we walked into school.
I am sure if Marc Bolan had a Boaby like Cecil's he would want to sing about it too.
Recognise the need for good old Scottish humour and free Boaby!

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