Monday, June 01, 2009

The Heart of the Ocean Returned

In what can only be described as the weirdest of coincidences, yesterday, on the 98th anniversary of the launch of the Titanic, the last survivor died.

Of course, she won't have remembered it, being a little mite of only a few weeks old at the time but I suppose Millvina Dean would have spent her life in the shadow of the tragedy she survived. Her father died, as so many men did. Not the MD of the White Star Line though, in a selfishness that would fit in nicely now, he made sure he was fine.

Everyone has a fascination with this one disaster. Try thinking about it without that god-awful Celene Dion song though is difficult. Still...the fascination is of interest itself. And now there is no one left who spent that cold night drifting in the lifeboats.

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