Sunday, August 16, 2009

Its A Little Bit Like That Today

After a lovely time at the Edinburgh Book Festival thanks to the generousity of a lovely person I was all set for some time to myself today. My mother was staying over for that purpose although she had the duty of puppy sitting in the morning.

Well, that was before Eldest Hobbit began decorating the living room with copious amounts of icky sick.

Lord knows what or why but first the sofa got it, then the rug. By this time he was in the bathroom terrifying the cats with strange and horrible sounds. There is not much to do other than offer comfort and checking constantly that he wasn't developing anything worse.

After being sick for the umpteenth time at sometime beyond 1am he turned to me and said "Its been a terrible night!"

Funny how the silly things can raise a smile during the worst of times.

He is all better now thankfully, school starts on Tuesday. Yippee!

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