Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And now we start on the boy bands...

A few days ago Celebrity Death Year realised it had slowed down a little and so decided to shock the crap out of us all with yet another departure.

This time a boy band member who died of "natural causes". He wasn't ill, as far as I know, and considering I knew nothing really of him apart from going "oh its them again" when the band appeared on the telly, I know nuffing. So naturally the death of Stephen Gately (spelling probably wrong but I can't be arsed to Google it at the moment) has sent the shivers up everyone.

And Death has a cackle to itself as it flicks through the celebrity magazine looking for the next one.

Nevermind, Hobbits and I are off on holiday tomorrow, actually it is Thursday morning at bloody-hell-it-is-early o'clock but tomorrow sounds closer. If I see a celeb getting on the plane I think we'll walk.

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