Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Normal Service Will Resume...

...as soon as I have more than a minute to do so.

Just had one of those days.  You know, when everything kind of falls apart and you're left standing there in the middle wondering what the hell just happened.  Yeah, one of *those* days.

Actually was going quite well right up until the point where I came home from work.  I had forgotten, no, I was in denial over how much some people can be attention seekers.  If the world doesn't revolve around them....you get the idea.  So it is typical now that, at this time in the morning, when I really should be asleep so I can be ready and fresh for the next day, that I am here - trying to catch up.

I've let myself down most of all.  I had taken a break over the weekend, no computer at all, but I had done some regular old fashioned writing - pen and paper.  So the idea worked.  Pity life and all that crap keeps getting in the way.

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