Thursday, June 21, 2012


Do you like my skilful hiding of my government name?  Oh how arty am I.

So, Resolution.  Another title cannibalised from the P52 thing.  I'm on that again, oh yes I am.

This took me four years to achieve.  Now the snobbish amongst anyone who comes across this may look at my meagre upper second class honours and sneer.

However this is also what else happened in those four years:

  • Very messy, humiliating marriage breakdown.
  • Divorce.
  • Illness and loss of a beloved parent.
  • Dependency and then care of the other.
  • Clearing out, decorating and then selling my family home.
  • Buying another.
  • Moving mother from her home to ours.
  • Then moving all of us to new home.
  • Working (boo) and volunteering (yeay!)
  • Raising the Hobbits.

Meanwhile, I studied my level 1 introduction course.  Tutor nearly put me off the whole thing.  Two level 2 courses (including the brilliant creative writing course that I would gladly do every single year if just to keep me in).  Three level 3 courses (two of which were history as I do like my punishment to be severe).

When I finished, and I was well and truly finished, I was very pleased to have gotten my little degree - and with the mark it settled on.  Chuffed to bits and a big two fingers up to everyone who had talked me down in the past.

Resolution - see the date?  December 2010.  Time to use it and no more excuses (okay the illness wasn't an excuse as such but it may slow me down, it shouldn't stop me.)

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