Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh Bugger The Hamster Has Gone!

Eldest had gone up earlier to put his jammies on.  Ten minutes and lots of loud thumping later Youngest goes up to see what is happening.

I hear crying.

Oh hell, this can mean only one thing.  His hamster, of two weeks, has escaped.  Eldest swears he closed off all exit routes when he put him back in earlier.  The hamster, who goes by the name of Dragonborn (it's a Skyrim thing), is a cute little fella.  Blonde and curious.  Definitely curious.

So after much comforting we have set out several traps, his cage is on the floor and if he does go back in tonight then he'll head straight for his wheel, Eldest had taken to blocking it off at night due to much noise from the energetic wee devil.  

Oh, and the cats will remain outdoors for the next few nights - luckily the weather is a lot nicer for them.

If he is back tomorrow I'll be looking like this...

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