Thursday, January 31, 2013

Food On The Mind

Watching any form of the Masterchef programmes when your repertoire has evaporated into nothingness (yet another joyful side-effect of CFS) is not a good idea sometimes.  Usually I can't be bothered with food, I just don't have an appetite any more and perversely this is not reflected in my waistline.

Today, however, I'm as ravenous as a werewolf.  Seeing the delicious things being made, I possibly could try but I'd rather someone made it for me.

One more thing I miss.  Bad timing means that while the boys are going through constant growth spurts and eat like gannets I'm not doing as much as I want to.  If I could I'd make a huge banana loaf, yum.  Ah see how annoying it is!

This is one I prepared earlier, a few years earlier, but they always look the same, and never last long.  Grubs up.

In readiness for getting back to normal I have a Pinterest board full of ideas I'd like to try.  Won't someone send me a taster before I lose the hunger!

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