Friday, September 13, 2013

Well Then

My real life first name is not Two, although it would possibly be better than Paula, which isn't actually my birth name but a shortened version.  I absolutely despised my birth name, lots of negative thoughts around it so Paula was the best of a bad world and closest I could get without a complete name change.

On an internet adventure (click on a link within a link within an article on a page I'm reading) I found this Finnish page which tickled me no end.

From now on when I hear my first name I will no longer cringe but imagine myself in this get up - coffee not included.

"Photo by Noora Ylikoski of the Paula-tyttö; the girl
named Paula that have been a part of Paulig's ads since 1904."

What, you speak Finnish and want the original page?

Okay then.  Clickety link.

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