Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's The 80s Again

I have been given one of those Facebook challenges by a friend where I post songs from the 80s for 7 days. It was such fun looking through my first choice that I thought I'd inflict my music share on here as well.

Love and Money are one of the many Scottish bands from that era. We had such a glut of talent, mainly coming from Glasgow, we really were spoiled (plus the bouncers back then were not so strict so sneaking into a club to hear some good music was a lot easier than it will be now). I used to see the lead singer walking around Glasgow, Sauchiehall Street to be precise, in his red baseball cap.

I listen to this and immediately I'm cycling home on a chilled Autumn evening in the West End of Glasgow. Headphones on, blind to the world around me, listening to the tapes I'd made from records I kept at my parents' house (because sometimes you just can't be too careful in a flatshare and I didn't have the money to replace any breakages or 'walkabouts'). Close my eyes and I can picture it completely.

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