Saturday, January 28, 2017

Starting Wednesday

My only artistic outlet at the moment seems to be hours of browsing wonderful images on Pinterest and as lovely and comforting as that is it's not a patch on actually creating.

I miss the art class only because for two hours all I concentrated on was the painting or pastel or sketch in front of me. Being in that creative bubble was extremely healthy but I can't switch off enough to replicate that at home.

So, does anyone care to join me on this? 

Perhaps I'll only be able to fire off a quick sketch, I'm in the middle of starting a new venture in the hope that I can stop being a poor mouse but I need to force myself to take a break. I might even end up continuing my posts on artists as they are so enjoyable to collate. But I'll stick to the theme. No taking bets on when I tail off as happens occasionally (all the time) when I have such noble intentions.

January has been madness, February needs to be that moment of calm before Spring. 

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