Monday, June 18, 2007


Our story today is narrated by the author, Eldest Hobbit...

"Once there was a little boy, he was nice and kind but he was very healthy but he was running. He liked himself. But he was running fast, jumping high and high and he was kind. He can climb up parks he runned up a hill.

And that is the story finished."

What, you wanted a beginning, middle and end? (It doesn't feature the usual suspects, Daleks, Darth Vader, his brother.) Well give him a break, he has a busy life you know, for a 5 (and a half!) year old. He recently brought home his version of Peter and The Wolf, fully illustrated (I really should get the scanner set up) that he made in class.
His version is as follows, (pictures to follow when said scanner is linked up - hint to other half.)
(Picture of Grandfather with his gun)
The Wulf
Wulf ate the duck
Wulf go home"
This would be the new version to which they are addicted and which I prefer to my old record that had the wolf sent to a zoo.

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