Thursday, July 05, 2007

Nemo RIP

I had been aware that all was not well for some time, the fish called Nemo (with the fine looking fins to the left) has passed away. After only 2 1/2 years as well, my childhood fishy friends lasted 9 years. I think it may have been the stress of living with a fat, cat with attitude and a tendency to sleep nearby the tank.

Well, Nemo lasted longer than the other fish, Dory (do you see where the naming was going there? We have a dog named Alex due to the Madagascar film, this is what happens when you let Hobbits name animals.) Dory was a bit of a bully, always chasing Nemo around the tank, until one morning we entered the living room to find Dory floating belly up. Nemo was very cheery that day.

Now the other day we had gone to the local pet superstore to look at the rabbits. I have promised that when the Hobbits are old enough they may have either a rabbit or a guinea pig each. I am hoping they will want guinea pigs as fond memories of Brownie, my own guinea pig, and the torture he put my mother through has me favour the pig to the bunny! Brownie was a lovable little chap, all squeaks and cuddles but my mother hated him.

While I gave Nemo the grand send off and youngest Hobbit pondered life and death and all the grand schemes of things I noted that eldest Hobbit was eyeing the tank. Possibly wondering if a rabbit would fit. I give it one day before I am asked about replacing Nemo with something furry.

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