Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The End Of Summer

And so the countdown to return to school begins (next Tuesday - hooray!) The most difficult summer ever is soon going to be officially over and we have come through it somewhat intact. Of course life is never that easy or straightforward but yet there it is, we have survived.
Having spent the time rushing from here to there with the Hobbits in tow, trying to entertain them while getting all the necessary things done I can say I now need a holiday. But what I need more is work, and it will happen. I had never expected that this would be my position at the grand old age of 35 1/2 but there you go, you never can tell.
A woman from East Kilbride won £35million on the EuroMillions, now wouldn't that be nice and handy to have. Good on her, I hope she has fun spending it.

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