Friday, August 24, 2007

So West Lothian has this weird set up where there is no school on Friday afternoons. Certainly makes looking for a job interesting anyway. This means, of course, that after a quick morning the rest of the day is ours.
And with recent events in mind I decided that perhaps making an event of Friday afternoons would be a good idea. Sometimes in the past when the sun is shining okay, if it isn't raining...heavily...we have gone for lunch and then a walk along the harbour at South Queensferry watching the little sightseeing ferries and yachts sailing on the forth. Situated between the two bridges it is a lovely little town, or at least that part is, I have heard certain areas are a bit rough but lets not ruin the fantasy!
I should make a list of local places to visit, there are plenty we can get into free with our Historic Scotland pass. Including Blackness Castle where this photo was taken. The boys love the castle which is very unusual in that despite the name it was actually a prison amongst other things. Again Blackness is a lovely little village but I haven't heard if there are any "rough" areas there! I don't think there are enough houses to have a rough area.
Do people who live near the sea or large areas of water realise how lucky they are?

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