Monday, November 05, 2007


Back to what we did in the October holidays. Well, what is the point of going somewhere and not reminiscing!

The thing about Koalas is that there is an indescribable urge to rip them off their perch and give them great big cuddles. Naturally one doesn't act on such urges but there is the necessity to speak in a babyish, silly voice and say "Oooh wook at da wittle bubby!" Hence the rather surprised look on this little chaps face.

Sense will prevail, perhaps it was the smell of the eucalyptus leaves.

"I'm so cuddly, I like you!"


Leigh Russell said...

Where do you take all these fabulous photos if you just stay at home? This is a mystery!!

TwoIfBySea said...

Stay-at-home mum doesn't mean I don't get to leave the house (although sometimes that might be advisable!) It is just the title used for someone who looks after their own children as opposed to going out to work elsewhere. The pay is non existant, there are no holidays, time off for sickness or any work related benefits - but the payback is that you get to see your children grow and flourish.

So as main childcarer I take my boys out on plenty of days out, hence the photos.