Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Indoor Rain

There I am, relaxing while watching Friends With Money and thinking "if only!" Ha.

And I hear a noise.

And it is not a normal noise but the sound of water pitter patting down the stairs.

Oh holy god but there must be a burst pipe somewhere, will this ever end.

Yes, a burst pipe, but not of the household plumbing. Poor eldest hobbit, having turned right instead of left, missed the toilet by a whole room and peed down the stair, that's right - peed down the stairs - narrowly missing his school shoes which, being the slattern I am, are stacked in pairs up the steps. Ease of use you see.

"Oh mummy," says he finally waking up properly, "wheres the toilet?!"

You see son, I have the house on wheels and while you are asleep I move it about, just to confuse the sleepy child needing the toilet. He is now cleaned up, fresh jammies on and back to bed fast asleep again. At least he didn't pee the bed.

It fair lightened up the dark mood that the you-know-what had put me in.

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