Monday, December 31, 2007

Four Hours Fifteen Minutes Left

Here is to 2008 and may it bring better times.

To end this sorry excuse of a year we celebrated the Hobbits turning 6 on Saturday. Good times: I spent the previous night filling their beds with balloons saying "6 Today!" while they slept ("And I didn't even wake up, when did you do that mummy?" They ask incredulously the next morning.) I put silver Happy Birthday banners in the kitchen as ours was to be a morning celebration. (Note, DO NOT buy Doctor Who Tardis birthday cakes - it tastes rank and you just have to end up making one of your own.)

Then a trip to Dynamic Earth followed by the cinema with their father and his gf. See, I called his bluff, reminded him that despite his ego it wasn't a day for his hysteria and pathetic points-scoring but for the Hobbits. I have realised that he has a script he has to attend to before becoming reasonable and accepting ideas. My idea of him taking the boys on Saturday evening had to go through the whole set-up before he got to the point where he came to his senses.

Regardless the Hobbits had a wonderful time which is what it is about. Job done.

I don't know what this next year will bring. I know that I am going to do what I want and not what others expect of me. My priorities are the Hobbits, my depleted family and building us up to a stronger point. To do that I know I will upset others but sod it, I've spent so long trying to please everyone and do what they want and look where it got me.

This year is about us.

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