Sunday, December 02, 2007

I Said What?

The Foot-In-Mouth award goes to me this month (and very possibly this year.)

Whilst in pet shop to have a nosey at the cute bunnies and various furry and finned things I noticed the well-stocked shelves full of wild bird food. So did the Hobbits. After pointing out this and that for the well-to-do feathered visitor to our sparse garden I said, a little too loudly now I realise:

"Its okay though because Robin loves his fat balls."

Now to save a splutter over a keyboard if anyone is reading this I have to refer to these which I have hanging on our one lonely tree. Our yearly visiting robin (keep quiet at the back about robin lifespans thank you) feels we are truly spoiling him. And it is fun to watch the starlings try and get at them.

So I know what I meant, only the stares I got from the surrounding shoppers, plus the snigger from the staff-body who was nearby may have suggested I word it better next time. Sometimes what I say sounds so much better when it is running through the malfunctioning censor department in my brain.

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