Monday, January 14, 2008


Okay, so this is the problem and for once I am finding it hard to come up with a solution.

Here I am at the library, where I usually do my studying. I don't usually go on the computers but since I have been cut off at home I have no choice.

Did you not pay your bill silly girl? I hear you ask. Well, actually I did but you see as the account is in buggerlug's name the internet provider will not discuss it with me. Not at all.

Whereas I never had much issue with getting everything else changed over, phone, utilities etc. This is where I have come a cropper good an' proper one too! (Sorry was watching Lark Rise to Candleford last night, heavy influence on tired brain.)

The internet provider, name and shame - TISCALI. Apparently as He is on the account, He has to phone, cancel the account and then I have to wait (and this is the biscuit right here) 45 days until I can get online. As they have left a marker on my account I don't seem to have an option but while I try and think what to do next I have to catch up on all the things I do online here, at the library.

This is the sound of my head hitting against a brick wall.

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Mike Hitchen said...

Could you drop me an email:)

Many thanks