Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine

While I put my fingers in my ears and shout la-la-la-la (well it seems to be working for the government) at the thought of having to put diesel in my car tomorrow I ponder the more frivoulous parts of life. Lord I have to, despite the fact that I always put the same amount in the car on either Monday or Tuesday and refuse to join in the jerry-can panic brigade, and get considerably less now and since this stupid Grangemouth nonsense kicked off it is about to get even worse if that could be possible and even though the site is within kicking distance of my house and at the moment I am annoyed enough to do some kicking and sometimes I wonder if Gordon Brown let this happen to cripple Scotland's economy because we are getting too big for our boots and want to walk alone and that we had the good sense to oust Labour from top job last year which they seem to find unforgivable and....wait, yes frivolous, think about frivolous...calm...calm....

Anyway, where was I, I have been proud of the stance I take on rot such as I Need A Musical Star And Free Publicity On BBC, Big Brother, Dancing On Ice/With Stars/Come Dancing With Bells On and X Factor.

Oh don't get me wrong, I enjoy such mind-fluff as America/Australia/Britain's Next Top Model and as for Project Runway/Catwalk, as someone who used to actually make and alter my own clothes it is pure manna. Even Biggest Loser, which I found quite awe-inspiring in a is-there-nothing-else-on-God-I-could-do-with-losing-a-few(hundred)-pounds way.

But there I am, on Saturday night, using the excuse that the Hobbits like watching Ant and Dec , glued to Britain's Got Talent (or not as the evidence sometimes proves.) Considering this is not my usual fare and is probably a kick back to being a teen in the 80s (saving grace sort of was my Goth like tendancies) when taste was not required, I am having great fun watching. Even crying at times. Heaven help us. Still the Hobbit show I get afterward is even better, especially the Simon Cowell impressions they do. Worth letting them stay up that late for really.

Anyway, like I said, must think of better things. As part of this self improvement idea of sending out positive vibes and getting them in return....hmmm, I'll let you know how that works out. It is very grim living in Britain at the moment.

I have Project Runway to watch later on, bless you Sky+. It is sad to get so excited over these things but I am old so leave me to it. I do Tim Gunn impressions to the Hobbits who have no idea who he is or what their mad mother is on about but in the manner of Tim Gunn I will endevour to keep my head above water even if it requires more money than I've got... Make It Work.

God Bless I Can Has Cheezburger, it fair cheers a weary soul up.

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