Saturday, April 26, 2008

While I Was Away

Consider this a quickie catch up. While not being as disastrous as 2007 this year is trundling along on dangerous tracks. There, that was melodramatic enough.

Nothing much has happened. What a let down but nothing happening is better than all the wrong things happening.

I had quite a fight with Tiscali, who only relented to give me back my line after a threat from both Trading Standards and the ISPA. Ridiculous really.

Then, not too long ago I get a very curious early evening visit from Doofus (as he is now known, polite yet gets my point across without being a complete see-saw bitch about it.) He then proceeds to offload all his problems on me, as though I would be sympathetic. There is a whole other blog for this crap though.

Most importantly - the Hobbits.

Poor Youngest Hobbit (pictured in all his pity) ended up in hospital after an incident at school (when asked he vehemently denied falling over, telling everyone who will listen that "Christopher pushed me!" They were playing tig, it happens.) The resulting gash on his forehead, which rather disgustingly was more like a hole, skull glistening with blood visible - yes it was that bad - was "glued" together. A fact that his classmates heard with awe, quickly to be reassured that it was special super-duper hospital glue and not the stuff they use to make models.

Of course not to be outdone during the Easter holidays, Eldest Hobbit trips over his own large feet (well they *are* called Hobbits after all) in the IKEA playarea and off to hospital we go again. This time the gash is beside his eye, same side as his brother's scar but just as nasty looking and he gets. What is it with kid's accidents that the resulting gashes are so horrendous looking?

Apart from giving me some more grey hairs and entertaining hospital staff both of them seem to have come out of the recent emotional events without too much residue. I don't know what lies beneath though, I know Eldest Hobbit is the sensitive one but that doesn't mean that deep down Youngest Hobbit keeps things hidden. I just need to be vigilant and keep reassuring them that as a family we three are going strong.

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