Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello Goodbye

Sadly this is not my swan song.

Do swan's sing? I have no idea. They do hiss, that is for sure.

What was my point in doing this? Oh yes, to wave goodbye to a week where, despite the sunshine and warm happy domestic glow I get from Spring aired laundry, I just couldn't shake a horrible fug I felt.

I don't know what it was, the current situations that are swarming around me perhaps. That would make sense. I suppose everyone feels a little lost now and again and it is hard sometimes to find a way back or even to remember the reason why you should.

Carry on like this and it will be a blog renamed for the sheer nonsense I spout.

Normal service will resume, no, I shouldn't say that as normal might be construed as meaning I won't bother to write and for my sake I really should...okay I promise myself that I will once again venture to begin writing some sense. Now where did I put it?

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