Friday, May 08, 2009

"But they said I could!"

Now repeat the above in the whiniest voice possible and you too can be an MP my dear~

Having been somewhat in the red for the past few years (no he still hasn't stumped up properly, yes I'm still left paying for it all) I wonder if there is a possibility that for every bath plug and packet of sweeties I needed I could claim the money elsewhere. (Actually I have never needed to purchase a bath plug.)

You see while people are losing their jobs and homes and old folk are spending meager pensions on council tax there is one group who are doing very nicely thank-you-very-much. Those who smile and say "don't worry about it" for every rise in tax, who declare they understand the high cost of living have made sure that their nests are very comfortably feathered.

And what respect is left? Seriously, why should they get nearly all of the items they have claimed for? Certainly some are necessity, the office expenses etc. But it is about time that an outside source was made responsible for examining each and every stinky little receipt. And no, Mr. Speaker, your wife's taxis are not reasonable either.

Hats off to the people who made sure we knew just how corrupt our lovely government (and I mean every single MP of every single colour, who will defend their crime by saying that it was in the rule book as though that should absolve them of guilt.) This very government who chastise single parents for wanting to look after their children rather than take an underpaid job just to then pay most of it to the childminder. Who waffle on about a need for cut backs when there is a glaringly obvious enormous saving to be made here.

If you don't mind I won't be buying any papers over the next few days, I feel sick enough.

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