Monday, May 18, 2009

Its Not Over 'Til Its Over

This week, in fact in the next couple of days if I want a chance of actually passing the course, I need to send in the final exam for my OU Advanced Creative Writing course. It feels strange that I am sorry it is over.

Not my studies that is, but this is the last of the "literature" part to my degree. I've made friends on this courses who I will stay in contact with I hope. So much has happened. During my first writing course my marriage ended, during this one my father died. Perhaps I should be thankful there isn't another one to take.

I am not, though, I liked the deadlines pushing me on. I have to admit that I didn't enjoy this course as much as the Level 2 writing course, but I did enjoy the script writing aspect and have chosen that as the medium for my parting shot. Unlike the previous workbook I didn't feel as inspired by the exercises in the Advanced Creative Writing one but that is not the point. I know what I've always wanted to do and never had the courage to actually take the plunge and go forth and actually *do*. I wonder if it is too late, I hate the nagging devil on the shoulder who still chides that this is not for people like me. If I have stories to tell then surely it is for my own satisfaction to tell them - have I really not shaken that self-doubt that plagues my every second? Well no, of course not. Otherwise I would feel that this was more the jumping-board into further opportunities than the door closing with a final slam.

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