Friday, January 29, 2010

Like a worm on a hook

When the Hobbits are old enough to read accounts of this time I wonder what the history books will make of our ex-glorious leader Blair? 

Having been married to one I feel I have the right to note that he acts very much like a manipulative liar.  And like the manipulative liar he convinces himself that what he says is truthful - it is an artform he has truly mastered.  If you say it often enough, no matter how much removed from the actual truth it is, then it becomes the truth.  I've witnessed it, I've believed in it and I have been suckered into it.

No matter what, while he wriggles like the proverbial worm, it is almost assured that Blair will not be fed to the fishes.  It is a showpiece, a theatrical act for a gullible audience - the sheeple who will think what a nice man he is, couldn't possibly lie and be deceitful.

Watching this, from the distance I have now from my own experiences, I can spot the signs.  How many other people can and how many others simply go with it because it is easier than making uncomfortable accusations against a "nice man."

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