Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Year

Not necessarily starting out the new decade the way I wished.  For the most part I have been not so much running to catch up but simply running and watching my life disappear in the far distance.

Car = money pit.

Job = not what I would wish for.

Home = chaos.

Self = who is that again?

There is my task list, right there.  I need to fix these things and fix them properly once and for all.  Last year was spent run ragged helping out everyone else.  I spread myself far too thinly and have managed to create a rather unfortunate situation where I have done so much for others that they no longer see the need in doing anything for themselves.  That needs to end.

I sometimes wish I could get some more positivity in my life.  I know how but it is just finding the time, finding those few minutes where I'm not being expected to do things for others or feeling guilty because I haven't managed to do 6 loads of washing, dried them and put them away all in the space of one evening - an example, one of many.

First things first though, I really need to get a night of decent sleep.  That should be easy enough - right.  Right?

(Note: I could write the entire list of "To Do" but it would be truly frightening.  For me.)

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