Saturday, July 09, 2011

One Giant Step Back For Mankind

On Friday the final flight of the Space Shuttle program took place.  For some reason this feels like a huge step backwards, as though we are now giving up on reaching out and exploring the possibilities.

Perhaps this is America's way of conceding all future scientific adventures to the BRIC countries.  We should, and this sounds hard hearted but so what, also allow them to take over our moral responsibilities for the forever hand-out African countries.  The world does not seem a sane and happy place now.  I have already said to the Hobbits that their future will probably be elsewhere, Australia maybe as unfortunately Europe is not the place it once was and that is truly disappointing.

Ooh, change of direction there but not really.  It is all of the same.  There doesn't appear to be any opportunity now for progression that is not linked in with huge profit margins or financial crisis.  Is this the tipping point when people realise that despite the cost the space shuttle stood for more than a few astronauts pootling about in space.  That not everything should be boiled down to hard cash.

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