Sunday, September 04, 2011

It's Me Again...Again

This is what Autumn feels like.  It should be brown and drab, cold and damp but there is the smell of burning leaves in the air, that sharp tang made fresher by the chilled temperature.  There is the promise of festivities to come, happy thoughts wrapped warmly in scarves.

The past year has felt like a lifetime of troubles rolled in to a demanding endurance test.  I wonder if I have passed?

It looks like my internet issues have been fixed (please do not let this curse the damn thing to stop working again.)  What this means is that I can spend more time on the general jiggery-pokery of wasting valuable time on here.

Did I mention that I haven't been at work since the end of June?  That I find out tomorrow if the latest round of blood tests confirm whether or not I am metamorphosing into a dormouse.  Build me a teapot big enough to sleep in all day.  

Did I mention that my mother, on finding out she had worn me down to the point of uselessness managed to get herself all sicked up and in hospital?  I would say the break has been refreshing however the current state of constant drowsiness has kind of ruined that for me.  Oh well.

That has been summer, see you later and glad you are gone.  Once again my life is on fast forward - it really isn't much fun any more - not that it was fun in the first place.

The blog is back, the b*tch is back and I'm going to keep boring the pants of the people of the internet until this crap stops.  And maybe after that too.

AUTUMN LEAVES by John Everett Millais

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