Wednesday, September 21, 2011

30 Days Movie Challenge - you know the drill

Day 16: Favourite book adaptation

I was thinking along the lines of the more literary To Kill A Mockingbird as Gregory Peck's Atticus Finch is amazing and inspiring in great big actorly dollops.  The first time I saw the film I was completely mesmerised and horrified that such ignorance and cruelty existed - I was in high school at the time and burned at the injustice I saw.  This was one of the Saturday afternoon with my dad films.

If it was raining, or no one was around to hang out with, my dad would make soup and we would sit and watch whatever film was on tv (mother being at work on the weekends).  My dad liked WWII films having served in the RAF during those days.  I saw lots of classics, formed a lot of my tastes and was led to reading books I wouldn't have otherwise found.  Mockingbird being one.

But I'm not choosing it, and that is not because I just bored the bejesus out of anyone who bothers reading this other than me.  Huge explanation and now I'm away picking another.

This is going to be a bit of fluff but it merits the title of favourite book adaptation because it has made me sit through an entire film starring an actress I really can't be bothered with.  Of course the material is well known and this is not the first, and probably not the best, adaptation (no wet shirts here) but the soundtrack, the atmosphere and the actor who plays the main character with such arrogance yet with vulnerability means that if I'm at a loss what to do of an evening I stick the dvd on and snuggle on the couch.

I cried at this, cried for goodness sake.  I really don't like the actress as well!  That has to be good enough reason!


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